Everyone Deserves Healing.

Everyone Deserves a Stable Foundation.

Many survivors, while being trapped in their homes, are experiencing increased difficulty reaching resources, advocacy, and navigating survival.

‘Project Be Free’ was founded in August 2020 by our group of culturally diverse individuals. We realized that due to the Covid 19 outbreak, a lack of resources, and a seeming increase of racial disparities, the Domestic Violence system was being overwhelmed.

What makes our organization different?

  • Every member of our staff and each of our Board Members are POC (People of Color).
  • All of our First Responding MHPs (Mental Health Providers) are trained in Domestic Violence Advocacy and are Licensed Mental Health Workers.
  • We acknowledge domestic violence survivors vary in gender.
  • We connect those in need with our carefully selected partnering organizations. Through those organizations, we are able to help both survivors and abusers.
  • We work with clients in their homes and out in the community.

Our Mission

To provide crisis response to individuals affected by Domestic Violence. We utilize partnerships within our community that allow support and navigation of mental health needs to increase advocacy and promote individual wellbeing.

Our Values

Respect – We stand behind the belief that all individuals regardless of race, cultural beliefs, gender, socioeconomic status, or religious views should have access to services. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity – It is essential that our organization (staff/board) is both culturally and racially diverse to connect with a larger community. We believe in empowerment for individuals to have the opportunities to heal themselves. 

Holistic HealingWe see healing as soul, mind, and body. We assist with connection to long-term mental health providers, primary care services, and the community.

Community Involvement/Partnerships – We value our community voices; we are consistently looking for ways to partner with other organizations to increase the ease of access to necessary resources for our clients.

Empowerment – We value voices that have often been silenced. It is crucial for us to provide services that allow the increase of confidence and strength.

Thank You To Our Business Partners

If you need help, you can #AskForLuna at any of these locations. They will connect you to us.


Does it feel like you are not in a safe situation?

Are you unsure if you are in a Domestic Violence relationship?

Do you need help getting away from your partner?

Are you trapped at home with someone abusive?

Does it feel like you are not in a safe situation?

Go to an employee and ask for “Luna”. 

They will know you need help getting out of your situation and contact us to help you.

Need someone to talk to?

Increasing advocacy for those often silenced.

Scan the QR code for more information.

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