Hello Community Supporters! 

First couple of months of 2022 are done and Project Be Free continues to grow rapidly! There are many projects underway that are quickly taking form. During this time, we ask for our community’s support in sharing about our services and to keep us in your thoughts as we embark on venturing into new environments to serve those in need.

This month we are excited to announce our new partnership with Renton Police Department. We are happy to be able to show our diverse community the concept of collaborative team response to DV related calls alongside law enforcement. A special thank you to all that were involved and helped make this happen. What does this mean? Within the city of Renton if officers respond to a DV related call our crisis responders will be notified to respond and help triage, provide resources and navigate crisis incidents.

A very special thank you to Sergeant Awai, Patrol Commander Gray and Chief Schuldt for believing in us and seeing the benefits that Project Be Free can have for the community of Renton.

Your Partners in Change

Katya Wojcik & Joel Thomas Exec. Director/Outreach Manger (Cofounders)